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A collection of images from Ontario based Wildlife Photographer, Bill McDonald

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Ducks, Geese, Swans & Waders   ... a selection of WATERBIRD images.
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Common Loon & chick

Common Loon & chick.jpg

Blue-winged Teal

Blue-winged Teal.jpg

Horned Grebe

Horned Grebe_.jpg

Hooded Merganser

Hooded Merganser (M).jpg

Long-tailed Duck

Long-tailed Duck Portrait.jpg

Pied-billed Grebe & chick

Pied-billed Grebe + chick.jpg

Red-necked Grebe (Portrait)

Red-necked Grebe Portrait.jpg

Red-necked Grebe

Red-necked Grebe.jpg

Wood Duck (M)

Wood Duck (male).jpg
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